R House

Bekasi  |  270 sqm  |  under construction in 2022

In the bustling city of Bekasi, nestled among the vibrant neighborhoods, stands a charming two-story residence, uniquely designed to embody the essence of tropical living. With its curved facade, this house exudes a dynamic allure, setting it apart from its neighbors.

The ground floor, ingeniously planned with the comfort of elderly occupants in mind, offers spacious and accessible living areas tailored to accommodate physical limitations. Sunlight filters through the expansive windows, illuminating the elegantly furnished rooms adorned with elements inspired by the tropical surroundings. 

The design seamlessly integrates modern comforts with tropical architecture, fostering a sense of harmony and tranquility throughout the home. Whether basking in the gentle breeze on the balcony or enjoying moments of relaxation in the thoughtfully curated living spaces, this two-story abode in Bekasi offers a sanctuary where modern living meets timeless tropical charm.

R House  |  Facade

R House  |  Terrace

R House  |  Living

R House  |  Living

R House  |  Home Office

R House  |  Bathroom