Ruma Silaban

Museum & Memorial Space
Hasumbang Hasundutan, North Sumatera

Friedrich Silaban was well-known architect from Indonesia. One of his famous project is Istiqlal Mosque in Central Jakarta. To appreciate his legacy, Indonesian Institute of Architects (IAI) going to build Friedrich Silaban Museum and Monument in his hometown at Hasumbang Hasundutan. In this project we tried to appreciate his work by using similar design principles such repetitive element, geometrical mass building, and thermal control through passive design approaches. We divide building into several mass to maximize natural light and natural airflow.

Junti Kindergarten

Kopo, West Java

This project was one of our social project for pre-school kids. We were using green facade as secondary skin to reduce direct sunlight and create micro climate as thermal control. 

Debata Ni Luat Portibi

Religious Space
Toba, North Sumatera

The main concept is to create unique design atmosphere for each area by using continous-looping pedestrian path with different floor level connected to all buildings in area and give specific room ambience to differentiate one area to another. For main facade, we use three main color to indicate bataknese traditional color, which is red, white, and black.

Total site area for this project approximately 3 Hectares with only 20% used for ground floor area. We want to create small-compact building to minimize the impact to the environment.

Church at Bengkayang

Bengkayang, West Borneo

It was our another social project in West-Borneo. We designed it to accommodate at least 1000 people inside main building. Since it was social project, we cannot using air conditioner to reduce building operational cost eventhoughborneo is quite hot and the humidity level is high. Therefore, to create natural airflow as thermal control, we were create cross ventilation all over the building using ulin or timber wood as secondary skin and wind breaker.