Airport Hub

Hotel & Rest Area
Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta

This project was designed as rest area to accommodate airport passenger and pilot or cabin crew. It only take at least 30 minutes from New Yogyakarta International Airport by car. There is community mall, food and merchandise tenant, community mosque, gas station, and 3 star hotel with premium facility such as meeting room, spa, and swimming pool. Our design intention was trying to maximize user experience by creating intimate pedestrian path and active frontage store.

Duatuju Coffee

Café & Coffee Shop
Cimahi, West Java

Humaku Café

Café & Restaurant
Tenggarong, East-Borneo

Pasar Godean

Traditional Market
Godean, Yogyakarta

Our concept is trying to create plaza as new communal space in the center of market to generate public activity and make it more liveable and attractive. Besides, it create natural light and airflow as thermal control. For the main facade, we were using terracotta as local material.

Bajo Sebae

Tourist Information Center
Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara

Batavia Arcade

Tourist Information Center
Kota Tua, DKI Jakarta